The Business of Advice is just a little bit sweeter, when you are Powerfully Positioned

Dreams of having a referral only business will come true...this summer with the Powerfully Positioned Coaching Program.

Teaching Advisors to Position Themselves as an Indispensable Resource in the Only Place that it really matters...The Mind of the Client

Bob Cobb

After 20 Years in Sales Leadership and Peak Performance Coaching I have identified the 4 key strategies that have the greatest impact on the results that advisors are able to deliver.  Our Signature Coaching Program boils down These Essential Keys and delivers them over a 5 Sesssion Journey that allows advisors to implement, practice, integrate and get solidly on the path the mastery with each of these skills.

Bob Cobb, Chief Peak Performance Strategist

Ask an Advisor if they would like more referrals and the answer is fast and Unanimous...YES

Ask them why they don't receive more the answer is also fast and Unanimous...I DON'T ASK

When you dive a little bit deeper with the advisor and ask, "Why don't you Ask?  The answers follow a theme

  • Worried it will strain the relationship
  • Worried of Rejection
  • Worried I will look desperate or weak
  • Worried I haven't earned the right
  • Sometimes, I just forget to ask

According to a survey conducted by the VIP Forum in early in 2014, when asked how do you prefer to be introduced to a new Advisor?  93% of Affluent and Ultra-Affluent Investors (defined as $5 Million or more in Investable Assets) prefer to be introduced by a friend, business associate, or other advisor. 48% say it is the only way they will accept a meeting.

Remember: People buy from people they know, like and trust.  One of the Quickest Ways to Develop Trust, is to be Referred

It's Simple...If you are not conducting your business in a way that positions you as an Indispensable Resource, you will quickly find yourself, being left behind in the new economy ...

This program is designed to have maximum impact on the way your Advisors are Positioned in the Mind of Their Client, Technology insures a previously unknown return on your training dollar.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons you want to be involved

  • Reason No.1 Time Efficient

    I am humbled when I am invited to speak of a large group of advisors at a conference.  I addition to the fee I am paid, the firm is pulling 50-100 Advisors or more out of production.  If you assume an average production of 500k that is $200,000 in lost production.  Because this training is delivered by Virtual Webcast there is: No Lost Production, No T&E, No Conference Rooms to Rent, No over night hotel costs, No catering, No Griping Advisors

  • Reason No.2 Market Timing

    Okay, not that kind.  Yet, consider this, the market has been moving up for 5 years on completely dubious fundamentals.  Record debt and deficits have fueled a climb to levels many economists don’t believe are sustainable.  When the correction comes the Fed has no bullets left in their gun. The advisory relationships that survive will be based on superior service and client experience.  Making it through the next correction will require mad skills.  The skills we teach in this course.

  • Reason No.3 Ultimate Leverage/Cool Technology

    Training can be expensive.  How many advisors would you like to bring to a meeting?  Well, ultimately all of them, assuming the information your will be dispersing is worthwhile and accretive to your bottom line.  But, there is a problem of course, it is just too expensive.  Because this program uses WebinarJam an approved ‘add-on’ software for Google Hangouts, there is literally no limit to the amount of advisors you can have enrolled in the program. I have personally conducted training programs with over 5000 participants on the line.  Google hosted a Q & A with President Obama that had over 8 Million people on the webcast. As part of your participation in this program, I will help train your staff on how to use this technology so that you can employ this technology beyond the end of the Coaching Program

  • Reason No.4 Private Branding

    Assuming you can deliver 100 Advisors into the program, you can host a private branded version of this training.  This gives you the opportunity to address massive amounts of advisors to deliver your message at the beginning and end of the classes.  It means the program can be customized to your advisors unique requirements and your firm’s initiatives. It also ensures a unique branded experience that you co-create.

  • Reason No.5 Spot On Content

    Below you will read  many referrals from past and current clients and the effect this material has had on their business.  This is not “feel good motivation”, no stories about climbing Everest or “My time in the Government”.  This is about teaching your advisors to build the practice of their dreams, whatever that means to them.  It is about actionable ideas that will make your advisors more successful. The course is delivered in byte-sized chunks that emphasizes implementation.  The content/coaching format insures follow-thru and develops momentum as we stack effectiveness layers on top of each other.  The group coaching format allows for beneficial peer-pressure to develop, and as leaders emerge followers will follow allowing for a “rising tides lift all ships” mentality and compliance to positively infect your team. It is an addiction, and it is a very positive one

We've Jam Packed Everything Into This Simple System, So Your Advisors Can Succeed With Ease...

When you enroll your advisors in this program, you will be following in the footsteps of the Advisors in our Most Elite Coaching Program (average 2013 production $1.47 Million).  These are strategies employed by the Best of the Best in our Industry.

They have not only laid out the path, they have filled in all the potholes and killed all the snakes.


Here is a week by week-by-week overview of the curriculum of the Powerfully Positioned Coaching Program.

Classes are typically taught via a Content-Coach-Content-Coach Rhythm.  This maximizes implementation of the strategies and leverage Social Pressure and insures any road blocks are easily eliminated.

  • Module 1 - 90-Day Dazzle

    This Award-Winning Program (Best of the Best Horsesmouth 2005, 2008 and Client Marketing Program of the Year Registered Rep 2010) is designed to position the advisor as an Indispensable Resource in the Mind of their Clients. This program has been reverse-engineered to promote referrals from the very first contact. Advisors who have implemented this program report $983,000 per month in additional assets from referrals and new clients (yes we want a million).  This program has widely operational since 2004 and is constantly tested, updated and fine-tuned to insure maximum results.

  • Module 2 - RQ and the Metrics of Ultimate

    Being a financial advisor is many things to many people.  One thing it is to everyone in the industry is a business.  This module allows advisors to turn a investigatory eye to the key metrics that determine their success. RQ- is the Referability Quotient.  It provides both a baseline record of the current integration of best practices based on thousands of advisors, a snap shot of the status quo.  It also provides a written road map the advisor can use to plot his/her course to success.  The course to Ultimate and whatever that means to them. Metrics of Ultimate is a simple program (based primarily on the value of an appointment and the number of appointments required to hit a production goal.  That creates daily GPS that allows the advisor to enter 7 Key Metrics based on the days activity and track their exact current location with regards to achieving that goal. Advisors who have implemented this strategy find themselves more interested in the Metrics of Success, more driven to achieve a goal they can clearly see, and more Strategic in their approach to The Business of Advice

  • Module 3 - First Meeting Mastery

    The Most Comprehensive and Complete Blue-Print ever created for the Financial Advisor interested in marketing to the Ultra Affluent Market                                                                                          -Dan Kennedy author No BS Guide to Marketing to the Affluent In our industry the idea of the Cold Call Close has fallen on hard times.  It brings to mind ‘high pressure” sales, disinterest in the relationship, short term goals.  However, properly positioned the decision of a prospect to hire you as their advisor is typically one made in the blink of an eye and is based on one driving factor.  “Does this advisor really understand what I am looking to accomplish, and can they lay out a road map to help me get from where I am, to where I want to be?

  • Module 4 - Annual Review Campaign

    At its heart perhaps the simplest of the Modules we teach.  Yet this program is truly one of the “small hinges that swing big doors”.  This effortless to implement program is designed to get the advisors calendar filled with clients that are looking to deepen the relationship.  We teach 5 Core Competencies of deepening and reframing the relationship that allow existing clients to be elegantly added to the Referral Funnel. We also teach a strategy to open the doors to other potential referral sources: Attorneys, Accountants, Trust Officers, Insurance Agents, and a host of other professionals that have the ability to become part of a referral network.

  • Module 5 - Enter the Zone

    This module is a combination of the Strategic Unconscious Rapport Formula and Our Peak Performance States.  The Zone helps advisors master the Inner Game of the Business of Advice.  Teaching the Advisor to enter peak performance states on purpose and by design any time they want or need to.  It teaches advisors about Perception Beyond Awareness (this is that gut feeling you get when you know intuitively that something is either right or wrong and you are not sure why, you are just sure).  The advisor will learn how to control and mold these states to communicate unconsciously to the client, and help them make better decisions that are in their best long term interest.

  • Module 6 -- Unleashing Ultimate Referrals

    Every one says, “I want (or need) more referrals”, is your current strategy delivering the Quantity and Quality you desire?  When I ask that question or most typically a very short conversation follows:

    me: Is your current referral system delivering?

    them: no

    me: what are you doing to fix it?

    them: Huh?

    Here is the deal…and this is a fact I have proven to skeptical advisors more times than Trump has tweeted.  Your ideal clients are sitting in front of your advisors, all day, everyday.  You have just never taught your bankers how to recognize them, how to engage them.  

    This module is significant, and we do not save the best to last, this is a subject that we discuss every step of the way, all throughout the class.

    The purpose of this module is converting referrals from “have to’s” to “get to’s”.  Most referrals centers of influence see the act of giving you a referral as “a task to be crossed off” when completed.

    When you have implemented the action steps from this section of the training, bankers will understand their relationship get stronger, better and get to yes faster, once your referral partners have introduced their clients and prospects to you!


Advisors Love Our Program Because It
Is So Simple To Learn and Easy to Implement...

From the very first day of our founding The Advisor Business Institute's prime directive has been to deliver premium education, resources, tools, and tactics to help Advisors Build the Practice of Their Dreams

From the comments below, you might conclude that we have executed that directive with excellence.

I've worked with Bobby Cobb for five years. I have never met anyone with a more positive approach to business or greater perspective on how work fits into life. . He has worked with so many people in our industry, that there is virtually nothing he hasn’t seen.  He has an infectious positive energy that has to be experienced to be believed. It is motivational just standing to be on a call with this guy.

Tom Alexander
Tom Alexander Alexander Trading Co.

"On the shelves of my office, gathering dust, there are various marketing materials that have cost me a small fortune. Over the years I have "invested" a lot of money for programs that were nothing but empty promises. Some of these marketing programs and materials cost me thousands of dollars. Always looking for the key, and not finding it, after all these years, my persistence has finally been rewarded. Bob's latest material just arrived this morning and I have just listened to the first CD. This is without a doubt some of the most powerful material (First Meeting Mastery) I have ever seen or heard in my 25 years in this business. Knowing how it will improve my results, I can't wait to get started with it. I only wish I would have had this material 25 years ago, when I started in the business. I can only imagine how much more successful I would have been. As I begin to use it and naturally achieve the marvelous results I expect, I will keep you updated. Every business needs leaders who innovate and create exciting results for others. This is how I see you. Keep up the good work!"


Craig Peck Peck and Associates

"In my experience you often don't get the results that you desire after the investment of time and money that is committed in most sales training programs. I've known Bob for a long time and I have always been impressed by his ability to change behavior and influence results. He has made a real difference with my sales team not only the training class that my team still raves about but the one-to-one coaching that has insured implementation of the ideas. He is a unique talent; you want him in front of your team!"

Jamie Atkinson
Jamie Atkinson Swan Wealth Advisors

Bob is a Strategic Thinker of the Highest Order.  He is obsessed with what makes people tick, what holds people back from getting the things that they most want.  For the Financial Advisor, he is someone that deconstructed and reconstructed the processes of so many of our Industries Giants—he is uniquely positioned to take you from beyond the next level…to the highest level you desire to achieve.

Alex Krawtschenko
Alex Krawtschenko Hahn Investment Stewards

We've Jam Packed In These Special Bonuses
To Make This Even Easier...

When you enroll your team in either of the programs (Global or Branded), you team will receive access to bonus items worth several hundred dollars.  Check out below the bonus elements

  • Bonus 1 - The Roundtable Interview

    When it comes to building a referral only practice, there is no stronger way to execute on the strategy than creating a Financial Services Industry Referral Exchange Club.  My coaching client Susan Riley-Hayes has done exactly that.  Working with a small group of partners she systematically interviewed Professionals for suitability into the club.  Over 6 months she progressively built a larger and larger club that featured: Attorneys, Accountants, CPAs, Trust Officers, Business Bankers, Insurance Agents, High End Travel Agents, a Landscape Architect, and others.  The typical meeting had 25 attendees. In this interview, Susan and 2 other members of “The Roundtable” deconstruct how they created the group, lessons they learned along the way.  What advise you on exactly how to accomplish the same thing.      Value $97

  • Bonus 2 - Two Month Pass to the Advisor Business Institute Members Area

    Filled with Strategies, Tactics and Implementable Ideas, this is a treasure trove of resources for the Investment Advisor.  In the Members area, you will find: articles, blueprints, interviews, audio and video resources.  Value $54

  • Bonus 3 - Delivering a Dazzling Client Experience Year-Round

    In this interview Jeff Fehrman CFP of the Fehrman Group discusses his strategy of deconstruction every minute phase of the sales process.  Few advisors, if any, have given as much thought into the process of “Client Experience”. Not Surprising, Jeff is headquartered in Augusta, Ga. (Home of the Masters), as he is truly a master at delivering the Business of Advice    Value $97 

  • Bonus 4 - Catalyst...Thriving in Market Uncertainty

    In September of 2008, the wheels came off the proverbial cart.  News headlines, politicians, industry pundits did their best Chicken Little imitation and warned the sky was falling.  While the distance of time has allowed us to joke and laugh about it now, those of us that lived through the experience will remember the times were filled with uncertainty. During the weeks that followed, my Elite Coaching Program and I held a series of “All Hands on Deck” Conference calls.  We in essence created a managing through adversity boot camp. Catalyst is a result of those calls.  (Although you will know it was obviously recorded as a result of the Market Meltdown…you will also recognize the clear benefit of conducting your business using these protocols).   Value $347

The Advisor Business Institute is dedicated to Delivering Actionable Ideas.  That can  be put to work immediately and deliver tangible results for the advisor, their team and their clients...

As a Complex Manager, I recognize the importance of ongoing training and constantly exposing my team to new ideas so they can be on the cutting edge.  Too many trainers focus on mere motivation and getting the team fired up with stories.  The problem is the "fired up" state doesn't last.  What does last is solid ideas that put cheeks in the seats of my my advisors, and delivering revenue to their bottom line.

I was so excited after the presentation, I wanted to run out and try these strategies on some of my biggest prospects.  When I told that to Bob, he suggested "perhaps it would be better to warm up on some other prospects first, 'take the play 'Off-Broadway'.  Good advice on so many levels...but here is the thing that amazed me most.

I used one of his protocols (Capture and Lead the Imagination) on a dead prospect (one that I had given up on).  It totally changed the context of the conversation.  90 minutes later, I was walking out with an order that generated $70K in revenue.  This stuff is magic

Tony Bahu
Tony Bahu First Liberty

Cobber Rocks!

When I got into the Financial Services Industry, I knew nothing.  Thank goodness my manager introduced me to the

It was like the path to my goals was laid out before me...All I had to do was "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" 


Debbie Smithson
Debbie Smithson Capital Analysts, Inc

After the class, I was naturally excited to take these new skills on a test drive.

I met with an existing client and very quickly, began having a conversation beyond the scope of anything that we had discussed before.  Afterwards, my client told me, "Our relationship is unlike anything that I have ever experienced.  I would trust you with anything".

I am not exactly sure at this point everything that has happened, but I feel like my time with you was a trip to see the Wizard.

Your techniques and skills but the mind, body and soul back into the conversation and the relationship.

I am so glad I went "Off to See the Wizard"

John Maroney
John Maroney Independent -- West Palm Beach Fl

I love working with Bob, I love his teaching style.  He is all about implementation and putting pen to paper.  He can talk about feelings and struggles and be a good sounding board if you want him to be that for you.  However, his focus is more about actionable ideas, strategies that will put money in your pocket.

Working with him has given a clear path on how to position myself with my prospects, clients, partners and Centers of Influence to make a difference for them.

The Impact has been HUGE!!!!


Jonathan Owenby
Jonathan Owenby Owenby-Jones Group

Full 100% Money Back Guarantee...

I am excited about the new technology that makes this program possible.  Previously, technology and bandwidth was so limiting that classes by necessity had to be small.

Technology breakthroughs (Thank you Google Hangouts, and WebinarJam) have allowed this message to reach an unprecedented number of Advisors in a method that is Overwhelming Convenient.

The breakthroughs that the technology will allow combined with effectiveness of the training can change the way you do business, as you move beyond the previous limitations.

It is the Road Less Traveled...

Join me on this Amazing Journey.

Do You want the Advisors that you work with to be Powerfully Postitioned?
Let me help you, to help them, realize that Goal...


Ask Our Team Of Ninja's...

  • q-iconWhat is the Cost of the Program?

    The program is designed for ultra stressed budgets.  The Global Program (with other advisors from other firms) is $4997.  If you can deliver 100 Advisors into the program (no upper end range), you can host a Branded (branded to your firm) program that is exclusively yours for $6997

  • q-iconHow many Advisors can I have on the call?

    Attendees are unlimited. We used the same Google Technology that allowed President Obama to host a Nationwide Q & A with over 8 million people on the call.

    Our biggest class so far has been just over 5500, but the technology and bandwidth is ultra-scable.

  • q-iconCan we tailor the class?

    We have tailor the class to hit 5 Essential Keys, and you can tailor it for you specific needs.  Already firms have used these classes to increase: Financial Planning, Managed Accounts, Fee-Based Business, Holistic Approach to Selling,

    Each Branded class is completely customizable to your unique needs

  • q-iconWho owns the content

    Nearly everything we teach is copyrighted.  Participation is the class gives you a license to implement.  We will also teach (in the Branded Class) people in Sales Leadership Roles to be implementation specialists.

    Advisors enrolled will have access to the material during the entire class period and 90 Days beyond

  • q-iconWhat if my Advisor can't make a class?

    All the classes are recorded and your Enrolled Advisors will have access to the members area where the classes will be recorded and posted.

    Let’s face it…if it is between a class about getting more referrals and a chance to meet that referral…we recognize what the advisor will choose (and personally, I wouldn’t want it any other way).

    We schedule this in such and way, and leverage technology so that no man or woman is left behind

  • q-iconCan we license this technology from you to deliver our own webcasts?

    Actually, no.  My license to use the technology is only for our firm.  However, the technology is amazingly affordable and I do run classes on how to use it for anyone in your firm that would like to use it.

    Additionally, I can offer you discounts through my affiliation with WebinarJam (disclosure: I get paid when this happens) if you are interested in investing in your own Proprietary License

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